Some thoughts from recent exhibition visits

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit OCA Headquarters in Barnsley, about which I have already posted. As we finished at 1.30pm on the Tuesday, there was time to squeeze in a quick visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park before heading back south. It is a beautiful place, where one can wander for hours, but there is one particular work I was transfixed by. An entire vacant chapel was completely transformed by Chiharu Shiota’s paper and string installation Beyond Time and it was stunningly beautiful.


I cannot even contemplate how long it must have taken to put it all together. According to the blurb, Shioto is a Japanese artist who has been based in Berlin since 1997. She creates complex pieces using wire string and paper to consider themes of ‘memory and human relationships through the use of objects‘ (YSP website, 2018) which reference the location’s history and previous occupants. Each of the pieces of paper had some words written on it, but sadly I didn’t have time to read any of them. The installation can be viewed from underneath and above, giving a myriad of different viewpoints and one could spend hours in there taking photographs. Shioto has made previous pieces from red and black threads, some of which can be viewed on her website at Please go an have a look – they are stunning.

The thing that fascinated me most about the work, apart from its sheer beauty, was the use of 3D sculptural effects alongside paper. The string both anchored the thoughts on the papers to the building and provided a framework for them to float in space. I am currently looking at ways of securing some altered images within Perspex boxes without the attachments being visible and clumsy, and like the idea of securing them within a framework of threads, either coloured or transparent.

This brings me on to the next exhibition, which I saw yesterday as part of the Marlborough Open Studios. Last year, Kate Aston and I visited a show by Jane Corbett which I blogged about previously. I have been following Jane on Instagram since then and was keen to see what she has produced this year. Things have moved on for her a lot since we last met and she is now taking an MA at the Royal College of Art, specialising in glassmaking. As ever, her pieces were gorgeous, and this year’s work referenced nature through seeds and cells, mostly in shades of green.


She displays much of her work in Perspex boxes and we had a long and fruitful discussion about how she does it with objects that are both fragile and not flat, as well as papercutting machines. I was able to refer her to the work of Rogan Brown, who makes delicate paper cut microbes and lichens which reference similar themes to those that interest Jane.

It was here that I made my drive-by purchase of the day too – one of her little resin and felt cubes from last year’s exhibition which will serve as inspiration for my own work.







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