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Assignment 4 – hangout discussion


Last night I took part in a DI&C hangout with three other students who are doing this course. We tend to meet online roughly monthly to discuss current work and general areas with which we need another opinion. (By the way, it is open to all DI&C students, and if you haven’t attended a Hangout before, they are both relatively easy to join, albeit I find I need to use the Chrome browser as Edge doesn’t work with it, and a good way of thrashing out some of the detail in your current work. I highly recommend them.)

These are some of the notes I took regarding people’s thoughts on where I am going with my experiments for A4, and comments are based on the ongoing series of images in this post, which constitutes my long list of ideas.

These were the suggestions that the other members of the group made, in bullet format. It quite quickly became apparent that the mirrors and the cut images were where we all found the most to discuss. As we talked I became aware that the mirror cube concept was the one I am really enjoying  and that I

ought to follow that line of enquiry for now. Below, in bullet format, are some of the considerations discussed.

  • three themes – ambiguity, contrast and surrealism
  • try the mirror cube in the city, especially at night
  • try different lighting effects
  • add in photographs of people as collage, either inside the mirror cube or outside
  • look at adding mirrored cut-outs into the landscape. I was thinking about mirrored silhouettes of objects for this, and will try it out today.
  • does it all need to happen inside the mirror cube, or could the surroundings be incorporated too.
  • potentially collage over the images (another thing to try as well).

Photographers whose work was suggested for ideas were Guillaume Amat, Daniel Kukla and I subsequently also recalled Ville Kansensen and Murray Fredericks. However, all of these use the mirror in the landscape and are quite minimalist in approach, whereas my current project looks as if it is going the psychedelic dream way. It was also suggested I try making some short video pieces in the style of Helen Sears (and I may do this in the style of Plato’s Cave)

I’m also thinking about titles that might explain what I am doing, and have so far come up with these options, which I will add to as the process continues. These titles help me pin down what I am trying to say.

  • Identity, interrupted
  • We are all electrons

So, today is going to involve more cutting and experiments with bits of mirror tile in various situations.


First thoughts for assignment 4

I’ve been pondering on subjects for A4 which is about digital identity. There is so much to choose from that it is a little difficult to know where to start. So, as suggested in the coursebook, I made a brainstorming page for the subject in my notebook. It is getting a little full, so may have to expand onto a bigger piece of paper before it is done.

The first idea that I had was a very overcomplicated plan to involve random collections of words from an infographic I found which shows our relationship as individuals with what algorithms and internet marketing companies and how they interpret what we search for into making personalised adverts. It was too complicated though and I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to make interesting art from the word selections.

Next up was a plan to make a series of alternative Instagram profiles of people I might have been if my life had gone a different route at various crunch points of choice. Although the idea was sound, I lacked the enthusiasm to turn the idea into reality.

Then the brainstorming set in and some themes began to appear which had some promise.

  • what is reality, and more particularly does our internet presence reflect our actual lives?
  • my ongoing interest in gaps and how they might be used in materialist ways to signify both memory loss and alternative meaning.
  • the work I did in A2 on what lies beneath the surface of the digital image, and how this relates to the theory of digital versus analogue photography.
  • An ongoing and underlying concern that our lives are being manipulated in ways we do not see by political and commercial forces whose agenda is about themselves, not humanity as a whole.

This feels right, and I have been spurred into making some test ideas to see how it might be turned into a series. Two different ideas are shown below and one or both concepts might appear in the eventual series.

In this first example (and I have made a whole load of different versions of this), I used a crystal ball in a box lined with mirror tiles to see what would happen with the reflections in different locations around my home. A lot of duds and very obvious images appeared but amongst them were some that I felt had something more, and this is one of them.
P1730906v2The second idea has involved cutting up the mirror tiles and inserting them into images, so that one sees two separate scenarios in the same image. In the one below, the initial image of the girl has had strips of mirror tile added and a second scenario can be glimpsed behind. The girl herself is a covering for the real world behind. I rather like it as a metaphor for Plato’s Cave, and there are hints of The Matrix about it too and of imprisonment. Therefore the rest of this week will be spent playing around with this concept some more to see what else comes up.


Just as a footnote, there is also something to think about in relation to how the first image, which appears to be created digitally is in fact what really showed up in front of the camera, while the second looks as if it might have been done in Photoshop, but was in fact made physically by cutting and layering. This sensory confusion is also part of what I want to achieve in the series. The methodology will be to use mirrors and reflections to disrupt the photographic image.